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Intentions of Carrying Out Drug Tests You Need to Know


A drug test is a bracket term used to refer to the practical or scientific analysis of body fluids or products with the aim of revealing either the presence or absence of a particular drug or its metabolites. Drug tests are normally carried out in urine, breath, saliva, hair, blood or sweat. One of the major purposes of carrying out drug tests is to detect the presence of steroids in sportspersons and employers, prohibited drugs in students and teachers, and the concentration and presence of alcohol in officers and drivers. Some of the drugs screened during these drug tests include alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana. There are many positive reasons as to why drug tests are carried out; some are explained below.


One of the reasons for caring out Rapid Detect drug tests on employers is to maintain a drug-free working environment. Evidently, persons under the influence of drugs tend to have an extra problem that reduces productivity at work. Some of these problems include injuries, poor decision making, mental instability and at times theft. Carrying out drug tests ensure both employers and employees stay sober, hence increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, reduce workers compensation claim if the employers are clean, reduce costs of insurance and significantly reduces employee theft.


Drug tests are also carried out in the sports industry. With the aim of breaking the record and winning medals and money or simply pleasing fans, sportspersons tend to take steroids that increase their ability to perform in the sport they are participating. This behavior is prohibited in the law of sports since it makes the sport unfair to the individuals free of the drugs. Therefore drug tests are carried out before major games and even during practice. Any individual found to be using steroids is disqualified from participating in the games. Steroids are also harmful and can cause illnesses and even death of the consumers. Look for more facts about drug testing at http://fixpa.wikia.com/wiki/Drug_testing-plank.


Lastly, drug tests are carried out in schools, both high schools, and colleges. Students and teenagers are at a very high risk of being influenced to abuse drugs, with intentions of maybe fitting in a certain group of friends, handling the pressure of studying and exams or even handling depression. The drugs, however, do not have positive results in these students, since they end up underperforming, lonely and more depressed. Drug tests, therefore, are carried out in such institutions with the aim of identifying students who are using drugs and rehabilitating them. These procedures assist in saving the student, maintaining a drug-free zone in schools, hence improving students score and helping them make wise decisions for their future. Be sure to learn more here!